Types of Carpet

Style and comfort in homes and offices

Residential and Commercial Carpet

carpet styles Staten Island, NYWhat makes indoor carpet the most popular flooring option for homes and businesses?  Carpet is extremely versatile, so it can fit into virtually any room.  It is available in many colors and styles, and as a result the design possibilities are endless.  Whether you are looking to install new flooring in a bedroom or in an office, carpet is definitely a good choice.  

Residential Carpet

Carpet is perfect for homes, especially those with children and pets.  It, for example, offers a cushioned surface, which makes carpet both comfortable and less noisy to walk on.  The cushioning also is nonslip, which is certainly useful when children are running through the house!  Carpet also remains beneficial in the long run because it is durable and long-lasting, and because it stays clean with only routine maintenance.  Plus, carpet is insulating, so it leads to lower energy costs over time.        

For homes, cut pile styles are more popular because they offer the most design options.  These options include velvet, Saxony, frieze, shag, and cable.  Cut pile makes it possible to have beautiful carpet that is durable enough to stand up to everyday life.  

Commercial Carpet

Carpet is not restricted to homes; since it is durable and resistant to most stains, carpet is also practical in commercial settings as well.  Loop styles are especially practical because they are ideal for the heavy traffic that you typically see in an office or business setting.  However, installing commercial carpet is typically more time-consuming and demanding, but rest assured that we can handle all steps of carpet installation for you.       

Visit Fox Floors and check out one of Staten Island’s largest selections of carpet.  We carry a variety of brands, styles, and colors that will definitely fit the residential or commercial design you have in mind.  We can help you choose and install the right carpet, so contact us today!