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COREtec Flooring 

Luxury vinyl flooring has become more and more popular in home settings because of its combination of natural style and premium performance. Not all luxury vinyl floors are the same, and COREtec stands out from the rest of the competition.

Advantanges of COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus has two unique layers, the core structure and cork underlayment, that offer tremendous advantages in terms of performance. The core structure, from which COREtec gets its name, functions as a super-strong inner core that provides stability to each COREtec plank and tile. With this core, the planks and tiles will never collapse under heavy foot traffic, so they will stand strong over time. More importantly, the core structure is 100% waterproof, so it prevents the planks and tiles from expanding and contracting when exposed to moisture. COREtec Plus can therefore be installed virtually anywhere in the home.

What is COREtec Made of?

In addition to the core structure, COREtec Plus has a cork underlayment. A benefit of a cork underlayment is it can reduce noise in places with heavy foot traffic. Anybody who has real hardwood or tile flooring knows how noisy foot traffic can sometimes be a nuisance! Furthermore, the cork underlayment is relatively soft and warm, so COREtec Plus, compared to wood and tile, is actually comfortable underfoot.

Like other luxury vinyl flooring options, COREtec Plus offers a few different wood and stone looks. These looks are all truly authentic, as COREtec Plus features innovative digital printing technology. COREtec Plus also features a registered embossed surface, so it will even feel like real wood or stone.

Our Selection

Fox Floors in Staten Island, NY has you covered with a selection of COREtec flooring options. We offer COREtec Plus planks and tiles, as well as COREtec Plus XL and HD.

We offer a few other luxury vinyl options as well, take a look at our Luxury Vinyl Guide page to learn more!

COREtec Flooring

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