Laminate Flooring

Laminate's natural looks and premium resistance

Similar Look, More Durability

laminate floors Staten Island, NY

Laminate floors are made to look almost exactly like natural wood, tile, and stone floors.  But, unlike these other floors, laminate is not solid.  Rather, it’s made from multiple layers that are fused together to make up a more durable and less expensive alternative to wood, tile, and stone.

The top layer, called the wear layer, protects the surface from scratches and impacts.  It needs to be cleaned like wood, but it is certainly more durable.  The wear layer can be specially constructed with textures that mimic either wood, tile, or stone.  The second layer is the decorative layer, and this includes a high definition and authentic image of wood, stone, or tile.  The core layer is next, and this layer provides extra support for foot traffic.  This layer also has some water resistance.  The final layer, called the base layer, adds extra stability and moisture resistance. 

Compared to natural wood, tile, and stone floors, laminate floors are more stable, more stain and scratch resistant,  and easier to maintain.  As a result, laminate flooring is ideal for homes with heavy traffic from children and pets.  Also, laminate flooring is friendlier to the environment because it is not as dependent on natural resources.   

Visit Fox Floors in Staten Island, NY to see if laminate flooring is the right choice for your next project. We carry brands such as Armstrong, Mannington, Shaw, and Mohawk, which are some of the most reliable available today.