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Glue Down vs. Click

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Luxury vinyl flooring, including vinyl plank and vinyl tile, has quickly become one of the most popular flooring options in residential and commercial settings. As your neighborhood experts, we at Fox Floors in Staten Island, NY know pretty much everything there is to know about luxury vinyl, including luxury vinyl flooring installation. How, then, does installation work? Let’s take a look at the two ways to install luxury vinyl: the glue down method and the click method.

Glue Down

With the glue down method, the vinyl planks or tiles are glued directly to the subfloor with a special adhesive. This adhesive is extremely strong, so the bond is considered permanent. However, if necessary, the individual planks and tiles can be removed and replaced. Luxury vinyl floors that are installed using the glue down method will remain durable and resilient, so they can handle the heavy foot traffic you’ll typically have in busy households or commercial settings. In fact, glue down floors can even handle rolling traffic.

We recommend relying on a professional installer to glue down luxury vinyl floors, mainly because using an adhesive can something be a difficult task. It’s also worth noting that glue down floors can only be installed over flat, solid, and dry subfloors.


The click method, which is also referred to as the floating or loose-lay method, is available with many modern luxury vinyl floors. With this method, the vinyl planks and tiles will attach (or “click”) together and collectively float over the subfloor. As a result, no adhesive is required; the planks and tiles will remain perfectly in place. Click luxury vinyl floors are therefore relatively easy to install, so they are popular in homes and other residences. But, in commercial settings, click floors are not the best option.

One major advantage of the click installation method is the fact that that there tend to be fewer gaps on the floor’s surface. This is not only importance for aesthetics; it’s also important because surface gaps are where dust and moisture usually reside.

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