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Karastan Carpets 

In 1928, Karastan introduced one of the first machine-made rugs that had handmade quality. For the first time, handmade quality could be produced efficiently and affordably. Then, Karastan continued to innovate when it introduced the Kara-Loc weaving method. This method made it possible to create multi-colored and patterned designs. The Kara-Loc method really helped push Karastan to the top of the industry, especially because it took other brands almost 15 years simply to catch up! Karastan was well on its way to being a leader in both carpets and rugs.


Best Wool Carpet Brand

To this day, Karastan continues to utilize new technologies to stay at the top of the industry. It offers high-performing cushions for stability, as well as strong fibers for durability. Plus, it relies on special weaving to offer colors, patterns, and designs that can accommodate any residential setting. Karastan also uses renewable polymers, so its carpets and rugs are environmentally friendly.


Fox Floors in Staten Island is an authorized Karastan dealer, so we can special pretty muich any Karastan carpet or rug. We do, however, have a few favorites.


Somerset Cove

Somerset Cove from Karastan is made from special Kashmere fibers. As the name implies, these fibers are as soft and stylish as real cashmere fibers, but they are much more durable. So, Somerset Cove, unlike real cashmere carpets, is suitable for busy households. Somerset Cove is available in 40 different colors.


View the Somerset Collection


Delightful Charm

Delightful Charm carpets feature Karastan's SmartStrand Forever Clean Technology, so they are built to withstand anything life has to offer. These carpets are considered pet- and kid-friendly, as they can handle spills and stains. You can choose from 32 different colors of Delightful Charm.


View the Delightful Charm Collection


To learn more about Karastan, contact Fox Floors or visit our showroom in Staten Island, NY. 



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