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Carpet Flooring in Staten Island, NY


Nothing says “home” quite like a lush, inviting carpet. With more carpeting continuing to offer us more and more smart, stylish, comfortable, and sustainable options, now is a better time than ever to upgrade your soft-surface flooring.At FoxFloors of Staten Island, NY we’re here to help you make smarter flooring decisions, with carpeting products to please every need, budget, and style.


Whether your personal style is classical or contemporary, we have carpet options and stair runners that are bound to please. In fact, even pet lovers or parents of little kids can now safely enjoy a soft surface. If you’re considering new carpet, here are things to consider.


Carpet Types


Carpet pile, which is the common name for your rug’s fibers, play a vital role in your carpet’s feel and function. There are natural piles, such as wool, as well as synthetic pile, like olefin and nylon. Carpet can be constructed in various forms, including level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush.


Fibers play a role in how a carpet feels and functions in your home. Our selection of synthetic fibers includes nylon, polyester, triexta, and olefin. Natural fibers include wool, sisal, and jute. Nylon is known for being durable and long-lasting and can be treated to be stain resistant. Polyester is comparable to nylon in durability and comes at a lower price-point. Triexta is a newer fiber type and is as durable as nylon and inherently stain resistant. Olefin fibers are incredibly soft and are great for carpets with patterns. Our natural fiber options such as sisal and just makes for great rugs that can be used indoors and outdoors. These sustainable options that are easy to clean. Wool is known as the king of natural fibers. Wool is warm, comfortable, easy to clean, and is a great insulator during the colder winter months.


For residential settings, we recommend popular options such as Berber carpet, shag carpet, and frieze carpet. Berber carpet might be the most popular, merging style with performance. Berber is available in wool and nylon constructions. In heavy traffic areas, however, frieze carpet is more appropriate because it combats foot traffic and other impacts. If softness and luxury are your main concerns, shag carpet is an excellent choice with its thick construction.


Life can get messy, but the things that comfort us spring eternal. Stain-resistant carpet is a beautiful addition to households of every size. It’s easy to maintain a clean, pristine, and odor-free space with these peak performers. Stain-resistant carpeting comes with specially coated fibers that have been proven to prevent even the harshest stain types from sinking in. Clean-ups are a breeze. Just dab away spills using fresh water and a clean towel and live life worry-free.


Carpet is not restricted to homes. Durable and resistant to most stains, carpet is practical in commercial settings. Loop styles are especially practical because they are ideal for the heavy traffic. Installing commercial carpet is more time-consuming and demanding, but we can oversee all steps of your installation. Our selection of commercial carpet flooring includes carpet tiles that are easy to clean and replaceable if damaged. There is also broadloom commercial carpet that are resistant to stains and can easily be vacuumed.


Carpet Installation


We don’t recommend using carpet in a kitchen or bathroom, but otherwise the sky is your limit when it comes to carpet’s possibilities. There are commercial-grade carpets that are tough enough to use in a busy office- or your kid’s playroom. There are lush, velvety carpets with rich textures that add instant luxury to your living room. You’ll even find hearty, stain-resistant carpets that can cohabitate with kids and pets.


Our Carpet Selection


Fox Floors Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be affiliated with the world’s largest independent flooring store cooperative. With our purchasing power spanning our entire network, we can offer you incredible variety, value, and services. We carry the industry’s hottest carpet brands. To learn more about our carpeting options, please visit us soon at 23 91 Richmond Avenue in Staten Island, NY or call us today at (917) 472-1473.




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Caring for Carpet


Maintaining a new carpet requires thoughtful

commitment but needn’t present a major hassle.

Here are our expert tips on carpet care.